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WHS Mission and Guiding Principles
Mission: Improve wound healing outcomes through science, professional education, and communication by:
Leading multi-disciplinary research in wound science and outcomes.
Linking scientists and clinicians to advance wound healing research.
Translating discovery into evidence based clinical outcomes.
Communicating through mentoring, education, publications, and global networking.

Elof Dear Friends,

I am honored and humbled by the task of being your President and I will do my best to serve you. This is the most important organization that I have ever belonged to and most of my best friends are members of WHS.

Forty-four years in surgery and more than 20,000 operations have given me a real life experience of the clinical importance of wound healing. Many of these years were spent treating burns which, more than any other wounds, illustrate the problems in wound healing. My research has during several decades been focusing on wound healing. I could even say that without wound healing, there would be no WHS, no surgery and no humans.

My vision is that WHS becomes the most relevant organization for all of wound healing research and wound care and for public policy in these areas. How do we get there? Our mission statement articulates this: “By leading, linking, translating and communicating.” One could also say that we want to grow WHS by creating more value to our members. Our recent strategic meeting in February reaffirmed this. We also articulated again the fact that we have extremely talented members and many of you are serving on our committees. We want to try to provide better guidance to our committees and at the same time empower them as far as possible to carry out our mission.

The Communications Committee has a very central position in our society and Mohamed Ibrahim and his team have done a great job improving, for instance, the Website. We see this as a strong beginning and it provides significant inroads to strengthening the position of WHS in organized wound research and care. The committees for Awards (Praveen Arany), Education (Randall Cook), Finance (Sashwati Roy), Government Relations (Sashwati Roy), International and National Relations (Susan Volk), Membership (Swathi Balaji and Heather Powell), Program (Harriet Hopf and Adrian Barbul), Publications (Brian Eliceiri), Nominating (Marjana Tomic-Canic), and WHS Philanthropy (Andrew Baird) represent the best people in Wound Research. We also have an outstanding Secretary in Traci Wilgus and we have an equally outstanding Treasurer in Braham Shroot.

Wound Repair and Regeneration embodies a very significant part of our mission and with Jeff Davidson as editor, it continually gets better. I would encourage all WHS Members to send your manuscripts to WRR for consideration.

Currently WHS is doing very well and our books are in good order. Hopefully we will not only maintain this position, but improve on it next year. I will also try to be very available, and if you have a need to reach me, please send me an email.

Best wishes,

P.S. Regarding the meeting in North Carolina next year. ..We will continue to precede the SAWC Spring meeting with Day 1 dedicated to the Wound Healing track.