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2018 Trainee Travel Award Winners

WHS Awardees:

Mohammed Ashrafi, The University of Manchester,
"Validation Of Biofilm Formation On Human Wound Models And Confirmation Of Their Usability In Skin-relevant Biofilm Studies"

Christopher T. Turner, University of British Columbia,
"Granzyme K Impairs Wound Healing"

Clark A. Bonham, Stanford,
"Transdermal Deferoxamine Enhances Wound Healing In Aged Mice"

John Luo, University of Western Ontario,
"WT1 Transcripts Are Alternatively Spliced And M1 Cytokine Inducible In Palmar Fascia Fibroblasts"

Wiley Awardees:

Mithun Sinha, The Ohio State University,
"Physiological Cell Reprogramming At The Site Of Tissue Injury Critical Role Of Mir-21"

Vikram G. Mookerjee, Rhode Island Hospital,
"Outcome Analysis Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Diabetic Wounds And Related Gene Expression Analysis"

Ayan Biswas, The Ohio State University,
"Epithelial Hypoxamir Mir-210 Directly Contributes To Ischemic Skin Injury"

Mohammed Ashrafi, The University of Manchester,
"Electrical Stimulation Significantly Impacts Biofilm Viability, Metabolism, Biomass And Volatile Organic Compound Profiles"

WHF Awardees:

Michelle Bach, Stanford University,
"Pf Phage In Chronic Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Wound Infections"

Kanhaiya Singh, The Ohio State University,
"Epigenetic Mapping Of Wound Edge From Chronic Wound Patients Using Next Generation Sequencing"

Jorge Walraven, University of Toronto,
"Mechanical Education In Vitro Enhances Regenerative Capacities Of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells In Vivo"

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The purpose of the Trainee Travel Award is to recognize and reward the top trainees in the field of wound healing research by facilitating their attendance at the WHS Annual Meeting. The winners were selected by the WHS Program Chairs and the WHS Awards Committee.

In addition to a monetary award to go towards travel expenses, they will also receive a certificate in recognition of the high quality of their work at the WHS Annual Business Meeting. Photos of the Awardees may be published on the WHS website and in other publications.

The award is presented at the WHS Business Meeting or other event.

The 2018 Trainee Travel Awards are supported by a generous donation from:

Wiley Wordmark Wound Healing Foundation