Opinion Survey from People with Wounds

Title of Research Study: Opinion Survey from People with Wounds

Investigator: Jing Liu, MD

Supported By: Northwestern University, Department of Surgery

Why am I being asked to take part in this research study?
We are asking you to take part in this research study because we would like to know more about what is important to people with chronic wounds.

What should I know about a research study?
Whether or not you take part is up to you. You can choose not to take part.
Your decision will not be held against you.
Because the survey is anonymous, once the survey is submitted it cannot be removed

Who can I talk to?
If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, or think the research has hurt you, talk to the Principal Investigator, Jing Liu, MD, at jing-liu@northwestern.edu or Lisa Gould, MD, at (781) 624-4950.

This research has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board ("IRB"). You may talk to them at (312) 503-9338 or irb@northwestern.edu if:

Your questions, concerns, or complaints are not being answered by the research team. You cannot reach the research team.
You want to talk to someone besides the research team.
You have questions about your rights as a research participant. You want to get information or provide input about this research.

Why is this research being done?
The purpose of this research is to help clinicians and the FDA learn more about what is important to people with wounds so that clinical trials will include and measure these important endpoints.

How long will the research last?
Your participation in this study will last approximately 20 minutes.

What happens if I say "Yes, I want to be in this research"?
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete an online survey regarding what you think about some endpoints that are currently measured in wound research.

What happens if I do not want to be in this research?
You can decide not to participate in this research and it will not be held against you.

What happens if I say "Yes", but I change my mind later?
You can leave the research at any time and it will not be held against you. To do so, simply exit the survey. Any data already collected will not be saved.

Is there any way being in this study could be bad for me?
None of the survey questions contain sensitive information, however, you can skip any question you do not wish to answer, or exit the survey at any point.

What happens to the information collected for the research?
This survey is being hosted by WHS and involves a secure connection. Terms of service, addressing confidentiality, may be viewed at http://woundheal.org/forms/WEFCEP/. No personal identifiers are included in the survey. You will be identified only by a unique subject number. Your email address and IP address will not be collected. All information will be kept on a password protected computer only accessible by the research team. The results of the research study may be published, but your name will not be used.

What else do I need to know?
There is no compensation for participating in this survey.