The Wound Healing Society
Wound Healing Society

Wound Healing Society member involvement is a key to fulfilling our mission to provide a forum for interactive discussions among scientists, physicians, licensed practitioners, industrial representatives, and government agencies. We need your continual support and input to keep improving our Society. The following committees show the diversity and depth of the many volunteer efforts available at WHS.

Awards Committee
This committee administers the awards to be distributed by the Wound Healing Society at its annual scientific meeting. The committee establishes award criteria in consultation with the Board, solicits nominations and selects awardees in accordance with established criteria. The committee recommends award policy to the Board of Directors and interacts with the Program committee.

Bylaws Committee
This committee maintains the Bylaws of the Society and recommends proposed changes by circulation to members of the Board of Directors or to the voting membership at least one month prior to the vote, as directed in the Bylaws.

Communications Committee
The role of this committee is to maintain and improve the main interface of the Society with the public by working with the professional management of the WHS website. This mission includes reviewing content, appearance, linkage, advertising, and access. This committee ensures that the information on the Society website is up-to-date and suggests site enhancements to the Board of Directors and WHS Staff Team to provide outreach to the general public and resources to Society members that are in keeping with the Society's mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Education Committee
This committee studies and guides Society educational activities in accordance with the Society's strategic plan. The committee advises the Board on educational information received and recommends educational policy for consideration.

Government Relations Committee
This committee provides leadership in monitoring federal and state legislation regarding wound care policy, and it coordinates the Society's interactions with government agencies. The committee advises the Board on government relations information received and recommends policy standards for consideration. The committee serves to act as the link between the Society and government agencies concerned with health care issues in wound prevention, care, and management.

Industrial Relations Committee
The primary purpose of this committee is to open meaningful collaborative communication between WHS and Industry members in order to expedite the Bench-to-Bedside process

International Relations Committee
The purpose of the International Relations Committee is to create a global network of cross-disciplinary societies and promote bidirectional dissemination and translation of wound healing knowledge.

Membership Committee
In accordance with the Society's strategic plan, this committee is responsible for the stability and growth of membership by increasing the value of belonging to the Wound Healing Society. The committee works with the WHS Staff Team to create and maintain a membership database, and this group is crucial for creating and implementing membership recruitment and retention strategies. The committee advises the Board on membership status and recommends membership policy for consideration. This committee coordinates its activities with the Scientific Liaison and Website committees.

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Nominations Committee
The Nominating Committee consists of the Vice President, President-Elect, President, immediate Past-President and two members-at-large who may not be board members. The committee will select a slate of nominees for consideration for election to replace the vacancies for Directors whose terms are expiring at the next annual meeting.

WHS Philanthropy Committee (WPC)
The purpose of this committee is to raise funds to support the activities of WHS members and give increased value to membership by expanding our ongoing awards programs and launching new initiatives. The WPC will also coordinate and synergize with the philanthropic activities of Wound Healing Foundation which shares many of the goals and ambitions of the WHS.

Program Committee
This committee plans the Society's meeting programs, including program content, organization, and sponsorship, in close coordination with the chair(s) of the program event and WHS meeting management. The committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding new program ideas, initiatives, and policy for consideration, in accordance with the Society's strategic plan.

Publications Committee
The Publications Committee has responsibility for reviewing all scientific publishing activities of the Society, and reporting its recommendations to the Board at the annual meeting and periodically as requested by the Board. It shall advise the Board on policy, ethical and legal issues that may arise from operation of Wound Repair and Regeneration, or any other scientific publications of the Society. In conjunction with the Board, it shall advise the Editors of Wound Repair and Regeneration and Advances in Wound Care on editorial matters.

Research Funding and Promotion Committee
This committee is newly formed with the goal of promoting awareness at NIH and DOD.