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The Distinguished Service Award is bestowed for outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the Wound Healing Society. The award is given to a WHS scientist, physician, nurse, administrator who has served the society for at least 10 years.

This award will not be given posthumously. The recipient is expected to attend the annual meeting to be honored.


Each candidate awardee is nominated by a member of the Wound Healing Society to the Board of Directors and/or recommended by the Board of Directors. Individuals can be nominated more than once but they cannot self-nominate.

The nomination materials should include a nomination letter outlining the nominee's achievements and merits for this award, letter of support from at least two (but no more than 3) other WHS members in good standing, and the nominee's CV. Send nominations to: Please email nominations to:

Wound Healing Society
ATTN: Katie Pelton

As a rule, this award will be given every other year, in odd-numbered years (Lifetime Achievement awards will be given in even-numbered years). Nominations will be solicited by the Awards Committee the preceding fall and must be submitted to the Society by the 31st of January. The Board of Directors of the Society must forward the candidates to the awards committee by no later than the 15th of February.

Call for nominations are be made by e-blast and announced on website. Description of award and nomination instructions are posted on the website with a link through the home page when nominees are actively being solicited. When solicitations are not active the information will be under Awards.

Selection process:

The Awards committee chair will establish a subcommittee to evaluate the files of the nominees and select no more than 3 to present to the committee at large. The committee will vote on the candidates and the candidate selected by the majority will be forwarded to the Board of Directors of the Society for final approval or feedback by February 15th. If more than one candidate falls under the category of deserving the award the committee will forward those candidates to the Board of Directors with specific reasons for not being able to select a single candidate. A maximum of one award will be made in any calendar year, and if no candidate is found suitable, the Awards Committee can recommend to the Board not to make the award for that year.

Selection criteria:

During the selection process, the nominees will be reviewed and ranked by the awards committee. The ranking will be provided to the WHS Board of Directors for final decision.

Award Presentation:

The award will be presented at the WHS annual meeting. The awardee should be willing to attend the meeting and give a short speech at the Award Presentation. The Awards Committee will select a representative of the Wound Healing Society to give an overview of the awardee's accomplishments and contributions to the field. The award will be presented by the WHS president, or designee.

The awardee will have a one-page editorial style write up in WRR outlining their achievements written by the President of the Wound Healing Society (or designee) with information provided by the Awards Committee.