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The purpose of the Excellence in Translational Regenerative Science Award is to recognize scientific work that fosters the development of cell-based and other therapies in wound healing and regenerative medicine toward clinical applicability.

The award will be given to a wound healing researcher/practitioner (basic scientist, physician, nurse, physical therapist, etc) who is or has been a part of WHS society at least for the past three years. The Awardee will indicate that they want to be considered for this award from the abstract submission site and must attend the annual meeting.

Stipulations include: Awardee must attend and present at the annual meeting and cannot come from the corporate sector.

Research must be unpublished (excluding previous patents).

The winning research should demonstrate clear movement towards clinical applications defined, such as phase-I studies planned/ in progress.

Preference will be given to cell-based therapies; however, other therapies will be eligible.