The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the lifetime work of an individual who has provided leadership or made significant discovery in the field of wound healing and furthered the advancement of wound care and research or done significant work as an advocate for research in the field of wound healing.

2020 Winner

Luisa DiPietro, DDS, PhD
Luisa DiPietro, DDS, PhD

2018 Winner

Dr. William, Eaglstien, MS
Dr. William, Eaglstien, MS, 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Left to right: Drs. Tomic-Canic, Eaglstien and Eriksson

2016 Winner

Robert Diegelmann, PhD

2014 Winner

Elof Efiksson, MD, PhD

2012 Winner

Adrian Barbul, MD

2010 Winner

H. Paul Ehrlich, PhD

2004 Winner

Thomas A. Mustoe, MD

2000 Winner

I. Kelman Cohen, MD

1998 Winner

Martin C. Robson, MD

1997 Winner

Thomas K. Hunt, MD

1996 Winner

Guido Majno, MD

1995 Winner

Jerome Gross, MD

1994 Winner

Erie E. Peacock, Jr, MD

1992 Winner

Stanley Levinson, MD