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Novel Wound Healing Device Fabricated With Human Tropoelastin
Robert B. Diller, Robert S. Kellar.
Axolotl Biologix, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

The purpose of this study was to determine if an electrospun dermal biomimetic (wound healing device) would support the closure of full-thickness dermal wounds with superior characteristics (e.g. more complete wound closure and elastin presence) compared to standard treatment of care. A wound healing device was fabricated using electrospinning techniques to emulate the native structural architecture of the dermis. The scaffold was implanted into a full-thickness dermal wound in a murine model. Six-days post wound creation and post wound healing device implantation, scanning electron microscopy revealed that the ECM architecture of the wounded dermis was indistinguishable from the ECM of the unwounded dermis, suggesting more complete tissue regeneration rather than scar formation. In contrast, the ECM of the control wound sites were still granular in appearance, indicative of an earlier phase of the wound healing process with more fibrous scar tissue present. Furthermore, histological evaluations of the wound sites treated with the dermal mimic demonstrated complete regeneration of the epidermis with a functional stratum corneum as well as the presence of elastin fibers incorporated into the dermal tissue. The control sites were not fully epithelialized and were absent of elastin. Results from the current study demonstrate that treatment of full thickness dermal wounds with a wound healing device that mimics the structure (e.g. architecture and protein composition) of native skin will more appropriately interface with the surrounding tissue and cellular environments to promote wound healing. Collectively, these data suggest that wounds treated with an elastin-containing wound healing device may have more complete wound regeneration, greater aesthetic outcomes, and more favorable long term clinical results.

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