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High-fidelity Analysis Of Wound Healing A 3d Solution On Portable Device
SANDEEP GOPALAKRISHNAN1, Zhuoran Hao1, Roshan D'souza1, Vijay Viswanathan2, Zeyun Yu1.
1University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 2M.V. Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M. Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre, Chennai, India.

Objective: Developing a software that runs on portable devices to reconstruct wounds and analyze the healing process by measuring 3D surface shapes and volumes of wounds. Introduction: Continuous precise monitoring of the wound healing progress will help clinicians to assess the efficacy of treatment procedure and identifying early signs of stasis which saves time and money. Therefore, in this study, a novel computational framework and software tool will be developed to reconstruct 3D surface shapes of wounds, from which wound analysis will be conducted to measure surface areas and volumes over time. To make access to the hardware easier and less expensive in clinics, the algorithms and software will be developed on common smart phones especially the newly released iPhoneX equipped with 3D scanning and reconstruction capabilities. Materials and methods: iPhoneX will be used as an end-user device to collect raw images of wounds. Algorithms will be first developed to detect regions of wounds from 2D images and areas are to be calculated as an important indicator for wound healing process. The SDK libraries provided by Apple Inc. will be utilized to reconstruct 3D shapes as well as the corresponding texture (or RGB color) of wounds. Computational approaches will be implemented to extract wound boundaries and to quantify the wounds in 3D. Compared to the 2D image-based method, the 3D approach would provide higher accuracy and reliability on analysis of wound healing. Results: We expect to show results on wound extraction and quantification in 2D images. Meanwhile, preliminary results will be demonstrated on 3D reconstruction of wounds from multiple images of wounds. Conclusion: 3D reconstruction of wounds provides more accurate analysis of wound healing, as compared to 2D image-based approaches. Software running portable devices such as iPhoneX would provide much easier access to hardware without purchasing additional 3D scanning devices

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