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Improved Healing Of Deep Partial Thickness Burn Wounds With Polydatin Gel.
Huining Bian1, Wen Lai1, Rui Song2, Chuanwei Sun1, Kesen Zhao2.
1Guangdong General Hospital, Guangzhou, China, 2Department of Pathophysiology, Guangdong Key Laboratory of Shock and Microcirculation Research, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China.

BACKGROUND Polygonum cuspudatum is a traditional Chinese herb medicine, which had been widely used for treatment of burns and trauma. Polydatin(PD) is a monocrystalline isolated from Polygonum cuspudatum. Previous studies demonstrated that PD could resist oxidative stress, reduce cytokine and mediators of inflammation and regulate neutrophil chemotaxis in inflammatory reactions. METHODS 168 deep partial thickness burn wounds were made on the back of 84 SD rats . The rats were randomly divided into 6 groups: ① low concentration Polydatin gel(4μg/g), LPD; ② medial concentration Polydatin gel (20μg/g), MPD; ③ high concentration Polydatin gel(100μg/g), HPD; ④epithelial growth factor gel, EGF; ⑤ silver sulfadiazine, SD-Ag; ⑥blank gel control, BG. The mean time and rate of wound healing were analysed. The processes of wound healing were studied with gross pathological histological observation. The neutrophil count and expression of myeloperoxidase (MPO) were used to assess inflammatory cells infiltration. An immunohistochemistry study with CD31 was used to indicate angiogenesis. Microcirculation was detected at different time point. RESULTS The mean wound healing time of HPD group was 22.9±2.3days, which is the shortest one. The neutrophil count and expression of MPO in Polydatin groups were less than the other groups. Masson staining showed collagen synthesis in Polydatin groups were started early and remolded very well. CD31 expression indicated HPD, EGF and SD-Ag groups markedly stimulated angiogenesis. Hexamine silver staining showed better reestablishment of basement membrane in HPD group. The records indicated that the HPD improved the microcirculation in early time and ameliorate the angiogenesis after healing. CONCLUSIONS Compared with other groups, HPD group could promote wound healing both in time and in quality by means of alleviating swell, improving microcirculation ,decreasing inflammatory cell infiltration, increasing angiogenesis, regulating collage synthesis and reestablishment of basement membrane. Polydatin gel is a new medicine for treatment of burn wound.

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