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Effectiveness Of Allograft Adipose Matrices In The Clinic On Chronic Wounds, With A Focus On Diabetic And Non-diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Case Series
Ji-Cheng Hsieh, Rafael Mendoza, Robert D. Galiano.
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA.

Purpose: Allograft Adipose Matrices (AAMs) are a helpful non-surgical alternative to skin grafts that accelerate healing in chronic wounds. Particularly in diabetic foot ulcers, AAMs have a secondary effect of shock absorption and reduce wound formation, but the effect of AAMs has yet to be investigated in a wider variety of chronic wounds, such as diabetic and non-diabetic tunneling foot ulcers. In our clinic, we completed a case series of chronic wounds to assess the effectiveness of AAMs and the time course of healing with AAMs. Methods: The case series comprised of 5 patients, ranging in age from 57-78 yo, with 2 males and 3 females. Wounds ranged from 2-12 mos in chronicity, with an average of 6.2 mos. 3 patients had diabetic foot ulcers, 1 patient had a non-diabetic foot ulcer, and 1 patient had a post-surgical abdominal wound. Wound follow-up ranged from 1 wk - 14 wks, with an average of 5.2 wks. AAM was reapplied with each follow-up as needed, as determined by the principal investigator. Results: Wound size ranged from 8 mm x 5 mm to 10 mm x 10 mm, with an average of 6.6 mm x 5.8 mm. 2 patients saw their wounds completely heal, at 7 and 14 wks. 1 patient’s wound was healing at their latest follow-up 2 wks after initial AAM application. The last two patients, with a post-surgical abdominal wound and non-diabetic foot ulcer, respectively received surgical correction at 1 and 3 wks follow-up. Conclusion: In our clinic, the application of AAMs saw marked improvement in some wounds but not others. AAM was successful in resolving several foot wounds in our clinic, and encourages further, more detailed research in how AAMs affect foot ulcers of a variety of etiologies as well as more types of chronic wounds.

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