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Newsletter: November, 2020
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Mission: Improve wound healing outcomes through science, professional education, and communication by:


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The Wound Healing Society is now accepting abstracts for their 2021 Annual Meeting. Please submit your abstract today for consideration on the program. *You must be a WHS Member to be eligible for all awards.
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Innovation 101 Series
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They say It Takes a Village... WEF-CEP Engaged a Unified Community and it Worked!
Peggy Dotson, RN BS

So if you were asked to get involved in a worthy endeavor for patients and the wound care community, but you were told it would take five plus years out of your life to do it, would you commit? Probably not, but that's exactly what two dedicated visionaries, Dr. Vickie Driver and Dr. Lisa Gould, did. Commit until the job was done.

Supported by their associations, the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) and the Wound Healing Society (WHS), these two leaders helped make the impossible a reality; gaining expanded wound care endpoints for use in clinical trials. Years of hard work and research, by countless dedicated wound care clinicians, researchers and advocates, resulted in the Food and Drug Administration accepting six new primary wound care endpoints for device and drug clinical trials. READ MORE
They say It Takes a Village… WEF-CEP Engaged a Unified Community and it Worked!

Wound Care Advocacy Update

Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders Opposes Payment Cuts for Physician and Physical Therapy Services as Proposed in CMS' CY2021 Physician Fee Schedule READ MORE
Wound Care Advocacy Update


The CALCIPHYX Study is researching an investigational drug to find out if it can help improve calciphylaxis wound healing and reduce wound pain. READ MORE

Wound Healing Foundation 3M Fellowship

Less than two weeks are left to apply for the ,000 WHF-3M Fellowship! Will you be the 2021 #WHFFellow? You won't if you don't apply! Go to http://www.woundhealingfoundation.org/.../Scholarships.aspx and download the application and get started! Deadline Tuesday Nov 24.

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