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Newsletter: October, 2020
WHS Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission: Improve wound healing outcomes through science, professional education, and communication by:


2021 WHS Abstract Submission Now Open!

The Wound Healing Society is now accepting abstracts for their 2021 Annual Meeting. Please submit your abstract today for consideration on the program. *You must be a WHS Member to be eligible for all awards.
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Deadline: Monday, November 23, 2020 @ 11:59pm EDT
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The WHS Communications Committee is proud to introduce

The WRR Fireside Chat Series

The WHS Communications Committee is pleased to launch the Monthly Fireside Chat video series to feature groundbreaking research in Wound Repair and Regeneration (WRR). Each month Drs. Mitch Sanders, PhD and Kyle Quinn, PhD with feature a recent article in WRR.

Please visit the WHS website for more information and to watch the interview.

Call for Contributions to the Wound Repair and Regeneration Theme Issue:

'Myofibroblasts in Wound Repair and Regeneration'

The WRR is inviting authors to contribute reviews (perspective articles) and original articles that elucidate specific aspects of myofibroblast biology in health and disease. These contributions will be scheduled to be published in the May 2021 issue of Wound Repair and Regeneration.

May 15, 2021 marks the 50th birthday of the seminal paper by Giulio Gabbiani and colleagues in Experientia: 'Presence of Modified Fibroblasts in Granulation Tissue and their Possible Role in Wound Contraction'. This hallmark paper settled a long-lasting dispute about whether wound granulation tissue contraction is due to active cellular contraction or 'passive' rearrangement of extracellular matrix, in favor of the first hypothesis. It also founded a new field of research investigating the potential of targeting myofibroblast to enhance insufficient wound healing and to reduce excessive tissue repair in conditions of fibrosis.

Yet, essential questions remain either unanswered or a matter of debate: What are the defining morphological, functional, and molecular features of the myofibroblast? What are their precursors and where do the come from? Is the myofibroblast a cell differentiation or activation state? reversible or final? How does myofibroblast function in wound healing and fibrosis differ between animal models and humans? How do we specifically target myofibroblasts in disease?

The WRR is inviting authors to submit their reviews (perspective articles) and original research manuscripts no later than January 31, 2021 through the journal's submission portal: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/1524475x/homepage/forauthors.html. This will allow sufficient time for a regular peer review process preceding the hard deadline for publication in the May 2021 theme issue.

Contributors of review articles must make a pre-submission enquiry with tentative title and a 200-words abstract to wrreditorial.com no later than November 15, 2020 The editors will then work with the authors to avoid redundancies between the different contributions and cover the whole spectrum of this intriguing field.

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