Wound Healing Society (WHS)
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WHS Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission: Improve wound healing outcomes through science, professional education, and communication by:

  • Leading multi-disciplinary research in wound science and outcomes.
  • Linking scientists and clinicians to advance wound healing research.
  • Translating discovery into evidence based clinical outcomes.
  • Communicating through mentoring, education, publications, and global networking.

Geoffrey Gurtner, MD, FACS
Vice Chairman of Surgery for Research
Stanford University School of Medicine
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am delighted to share with you some news and updates about the Wound Healing Society, including exciting developments and some reminders for the spring.

Over the last few months the WHS Board of Directors has been working with the WHF Board on identifying areas of collaboration where we can work together, in order to join forces in our shared mission of improving wound healing outcomes. In late 2019, the WHS and WHF executed a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines the collaboration of the two entities, which are both independent non-profit corporations, moving forward. More


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Latha Satish Ph.D.
Latha Satish Ph.D.
Ten questions with WHS member Latha Satish Ph.D.
  1. When and how did you first get involved with the WHS?
    I am a member of WHS since 2000 and I am involved in society’s activities every year in one way or the other by being a poster presenter, speaker, moderator, committee member etc.

  2. As a clinician or a scientist, what is the most rewarding part of your job?
    To know that my (our) work has some way contributed to the understanding of the complex wound healing process.

  3. What is the greatest wound care innovation in our modern times?
    In my vision, every innovation that improves the patient’s quality of life.


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Awards Committee
The WHS Awards Committee was busy during the months of December and January, with the Committee Chair, Dr Irena Pastar and Vice Chair, Dr. Daria Narmoneva, working closely with all WHS Committee members and WHF on this award cycle. The Committee has finalized the review process for the Anita Roberts, Lifetime Achievement, Translational Regenerative Science, Trainee Travel and Junior Faculty Travel awards. Candidates for the Industrial Research and Development Poster presentations and award have been identified.


WHS Member Achievements

WHS Member Susan Volk Receives Prestigious Honor
Submitted by: Traci Wilgus
Congratulations are in order for WHS member Susan Volk, VMD, PhD. In December, Susan received the Emerging Inventor of the Year Award from the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) at the University of Pennsylvania for her research on the regulation of breast tumor cell behavior by the extracellular matrix. She received one of six awards that recognized the most significant scientific discoveries or partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. Susan is a long-standing member of the WHS and currently serves as Chair of the International Relations Committee. For more information on this achievement, please view the press release.


Submitted by: Praveen Arany
Head and Neck cancers are among the most prevalent human cancers with a high mortality rates in the United States and worldwide. Routine cancer treatments utilize surgery, high dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These treatments are very effective at killing rapidly dividing cancer cells. Unfortunately, they also damage and or destroy normal cells such as hair follicles, salivary glands, and lining mucosal cells in the mouth and gut. More

Podcast series Rx for Success:

Created by Randy Cook, MD former Chair of the WHS Education Committee
Submitted by: Lisa Gould



Submitted by: Lisa Gould
The Patient Education Committee of the American College of Surgeons and the Advisory Council for Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery co-hosted an educational Panel on Monday, October 28 at the 2019 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. Topics included debridement, managing the ‘broken’ abdominal wall, use of NPWT, flap reconstruction, telehealth and managing wounds at home. Members of the panel and committee include WHS members Gayle Gordillo and Lisa Gould. It is estimated that 60% of wounds managed in the home are surgical and many of these become non-healing wounds. Despite the complexity of non-healing wounds, the average physician-in-training receives less than 10 hours of formal education related to wound care. The attendance of 286 surgeons on a warm and sunny afternoon in San Francisco speaks volumes about the need to bring education to the clinicians who have to manage wounds but have not made wound care their profession. Drs. Gordillo and Gould also represented the WHS in creation of the Wound Management Home Skills Program, available at https://www.facs.org/education/patient-education/skills-programs/wound-care. This is a tremendous resource for educating nursing staff and patients and includes video demonstrations that support the skills outlined in the booklets.


Together we can accomplish MORE…

As you read in the Society President’s letter, the Society and the Foundation Boards are working diligently to maximize our two organizations’ strengths and impacts on wound care and wound research. We believe that the framework we have structured will allow both organizations to meet their mission goals while accomplishing more for the wound community. More


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Randy Schekman, Ph.D.
UC Berkeley
2013 Nobel Laureate
Randy Schekman, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. He studied the enzymology of DNA replication as a graduate student with Arthur Kornberg at Stanford University. His interest in cellular membranes developed during his postdoctoral with S. J. Singer at UC San Diego. At Berkeley, he developed a genetic and biochemical approach to study eukaryotic membrane traffic. More


WRR Journal

Wound Repair and Regeneration (WRR) is dedicated to the publication of high-impact, in depth investigations of mechanisms of tissue repair and outcomes from well-designed and carefully analyzed clinical studies. More

WRR Best of 2019: 10 most downloaded articles published last year in WRR

DOI Article Title Downloads
see article A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial on the efficacy of a single-use negative pressure wound therapy system, compared to traditional negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of chronic ulcers of the lower extremities 1,439
see article Flaminal® versus Flamazine® in the treatment of partial thickness burns: A randomized controlled trial on clinical effectiveness and scar quality (FLAM study) 907
see article Randomized clinical study to compare negative pressure wound therapy with simultaneous saline irrigation and traditional negative pressure wound therapy for complex foot infections 853
see article Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of wound complications and readmission in patients with surgically managed pressure ulcers 655
see article Defining complete wound closure: Closing the gap in clinical trials and practice 600
see article Reliability of the Bates-Jensen wound assessment tool for pressure injury assessment: The pressure ulcer detection study 594
see article Pressure ulcer summit 2018: An interdisciplinary approach to improve our understanding of the risk of pressure-induced tissue damage 523
see article IL-7 overexpression enhances therapeutic potential of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for diabetic wounds 446
see article Roxadustat promotes angiogenesis through HIF-1α/VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling and accelerates cutaneous wound healing in diabetic rats 444
see article The effects of magnesium and vitamin E co-supplementation on wound healing and metabolic status in patients with diabetic foot ulcer: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 443

Advances in Wound Care

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