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Wound Repair and Regeneration Journal
Wound Repair and Regeneration Volumes | Volume 26, Issue 2

Wound Repair and Regeneration, Volume 26, Issue 2 Wound Repair and Regeneration
Volume 26
Issue 2


Atrial natriuretic peptide accelerates human endothelial progenitor cell–stimulated cutaneous wound healing and angiogenesis
Tae Wook Lee MS, Yang Woo Kwon PhD, Gyu Tae Park MS, Eun Kyoung Do PhD, Jung Won Yoon MS, Seung-Chul Kim MD, Hyun-Chang Ko MD, Moon-Bum Kim MD, Jae Ho Kim PhD

The microbiota of traumatic, open fracture wounds is associated with mechanism of injury
Casey Bartow-McKenney BA, Geoffrey D. Hannigan PhD, Joseph Horwinski BS, Patrick Hesketh BS, Annamarie D. Horan PhD, Samir Mehta MD, Elizabeth A. Grice PhD

A mathematical model for the determination of mouse excisional wound healing parameters from photographic data
Nicholas G. Cogan PhD, Alana P. Mellers BS, Bhavi N. Patel BS, Brett D. Powell BS, Manu Aggarwal MS, Kathleen M. Harper DVM, PhD, Michael Blaber PhD

Silver oxysalts promote cutaneous wound healing independent of infection
Helen A. Thomason PhD, Jodie M. Lovett BSc, Carla J. Spina PhD, Christian Stephenson BSc, Andrew J. McBain PhD, Matthew J. Hardman PhD

Changes in PGE2 signaling after submandibulectomy alter post–tooth extraction socket healing
Claudia Ester Mohn PhD, Gastón Rodolfo Troncoso MS, Clarisa Bozzini PhD, María Inés Conti PhD, Javier Fernandez Solari PhD, Juan Carlos Elverdin PhD

Optimized adipose tissue engineering strategy based on a neo-mechanical processing method
Yunfan He MD, Maohui Lin MD, Xuecen Wang MD, Jingyan Guan MD, Ziqing Dong MD, Feng Lu MD, PhD, Malcolm Xing MD, PhD, Chuanbo Feng MD, PhD, Xiaojian Li MD, PhD

Risk factors for hypertrophic burn scar pain, pruritus, and paresthesia development
Yongqiang Xiao PhD, Yu Sun PhD, Banghui Zhu MD, Kangan Wang PhD, Pengfei Liang PhD, Wenjun Liu PhD, Jinfeng Fu PhD, Shiqing Zheng MD, Shichu Xiao PhD, Zhaofan Xia PhD

The skin microbiome of wound scars and unaffected skin in patients with moderate to severe burns in the subacute phase
Su-Hsun Liu MD, PhD, Yhu-Chering Huang MD, PhD, Leslie Y Chen PhD, Shu-Chuan Yu MS, Hsiao-Yun Yu MS, Shiow-Shuh Chuang MD, PhD

Wound swab and wound biopsy yield similar culture results
Marieke Haalboom MSc, Miriam H.E. Blokhuis-Arkes MA ANP, Roland J. Beuk PhD, Rob Klont MSc, Georg Guebitz PhD, Andrea Heinzle PhD, Job van der Palen PhD

Translation and validation of the Chinese powerlessness assessment tool
Yao Huang MMed, YueLai Yang Bachelor, Pengwen Ni MMed, Xian Xiao Bachelor, JunNa Ye PhD, Gang Kui MMed, Ting Xie PhD

Impact of venous leg ulceration on health-related quality of life: A synthesis of data from randomized controlled trials compared to population norms
Andrew Jull RN, PhD, Sara Muchoney, Varsha Parag MSc, Angela Wadham RN, BSc, Chris Bullen MBChB PhD FAFPHM, Jill Waters MBChB FRACP

Effectiveness of viable cryopreserved placental membranes for management of diabetic foot ulcers in a real world setting
Katherine M. Raspovic DPM, Dane K. Wukich MD, Daniel Q. Naiman PhD, Lawrence A. Lavery DPM, Robert S. Kirsner MD, PhD, Paul J. Kim DPM, MS, John S. Steinberg DPM, FACFAS, Christopher E. Attinger MD, Alla Danilkovitch PhD

Use of antibiotic impregnated resorbable beads reduces pressure ulcer recurrence: A retrospective analysis
Ibrahim Khansa, Jenny C. Barker, Piya Das Ghatak, Chandan K. Sen, Gayle M. Gordillo

Multicenter, randomized controlled, observer-blinded study of a nitric oxide generating treatment in foot ulcers of patients with diabetes—ProNOx1 study
Michael E. Edmonds FRCP, Harvey J. Bodansky FRCP, Andrew J.M. Boulton FRCP, Paul J. Chadwick PhD, Cuong N. Dang FRCP, Ryan D'Costa FRCP, Atholl Johnston FRCPath, Brian Kennon FRCP, Graham Leese FRCPEd, Satyan M. Rajbhandari FRCP, Thomas E. Serena MAPWCA, Matthew J. Young FRCP, Joanne E. Stewart PhD, Arthur T. Tucker PhD, Marissa J. Carter PhD

Nifurpirinol: A more potent and reliable substrate compared to metronidazole for nitroreductase-mediated cell ablations
David Bergemann MSc, Laura Massoz MSc, Jordane Bourdouxhe BBMS, Claudio A. Carril Pardo MSc, Marianne L. Voz PhD, Bernard Peers PhD, Isabelle Manfroid PhD

Development of a large-volume human-derived adipose acellular allogenic flap by perfusion decellularization
Giorgio Giatsidis MD, PhD, Jacques P. Guyette PhD, Harald C. Ott MD, Dennis P. Orgill MD, PhD

Monitoring of pH and temperature of neuropathic diabetic and nondiabetic foot ulcers for 12 weeks: An observational study
Georgina Gethin MSc, PhD, Gerard M. O'Connor BSc, PhD, Jaynal Abedin MSc, John Newell BSc, MSc, PhD, Louisa Flynn MPhil, David Watterson FFPMRCPS, MSc, Aorghus O'Loughlin PhD, MRCPI