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Wound Repair and Regeneration Journal
Wound Repair and Regeneration Volumes | Volume 26, Issue 4

Wound Repair and Regeneration, Volume 26, Issue 4 Wound Repair and Regeneration
Volume 26
Issue 4


A synthetic microRNA-92a inhibitor (MRG-110) accelerates angiogenesis and wound healing in diabetic and nondiabetic wounds
Corrie L. Gallant-Behm PhD, Joseph Piper BSc, Brent A. Dickinson BA, Christina M. Dalby PhD, Linda A. Pestano PhD, Aimee L. Jackson PhD

The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for healing chronic venous leg ulcers: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Kenneth R. Thistlethwaite MBBS, Kathleen J. Finlayson PhD, P. David Cooper MBChB, Bebe Brown PGCertNsgSc, Michael H. Bennett MD, Graeme Kay MBBS, Maria T. O'Reilly PhD, Helen E. Edwards PhD

A computational method for semi-automatic measurement of pressure ulcers
Rodolfo H. Silva MSc, Alexei M. C. Machado PhD

Losartan ointment relieves hypertrophic scars and keloid: A pilot study
Keshvad Hedayatyanfard PhD, Seyed Ali Ziai PhD, Feizollah Niazi MD, Iman Habibi MD, Behnam Habibi MD, Hamideh Moravvej MD