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Wound Repair and Regeneration Journal
Wound Repair and Regeneration Volumes | Volume 26, Issue 5

Wound Repair and Regeneration, Volume 26, Issue 5 Wound Repair and Regeneration
Volume 26
Issue 5


Use of an ocular wound chamber for the prevention of exposure keratopathy in a guinea pig model
Andrew W. Holt PhD, Jennifer S. McDaniel PhD, Gregory T. Bramblett MD, PhD, Elof Eriksson MD, PhD, Anthony J. Johnson MD, Gina L. Griffith PhD

Involvement of calvarial stem cells in healing: A regional analysis of large cranial defects
Emily L. Durham MA, R. Nicole Howie PhD, Reed Houck BS, Brayden Oakes BS, Zachary Grey MS, SarahRose Hall, Martin Steed DDS, Amanda LaRue PhD, Robin Muise-Helmericks PhD, James Cray PhD

Inherent variations in the cellular events at the site of amputation orchestrate scar-free wound healing in the tail and scarred wound healing in the limb of lizard Hemidactylus flaviviridis
Isha Ranadive MSc, Sonam Patel MSc, Pranav Buch PhD, Gowrikumari Uggini PhD, Isha Desai PhD, Suresh Balakrishnan PhD

Antibiotic therapy of diabetic foot infections: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Huidi Tchero MD, Pauline Kangambega MD, Lazarre Noubou MD, Beatrice Becsangele RN, Sergiu Fluieraru MD, Luc Teot MD, PhD

Role of Schwann cells in cutaneous wound healing
Walison N. Silva, Caroline Leonel, Pedro H. D. M. Prazeres, Isadora F. G. Sena, Daniel A. P. Guerra, Debora Heller PhD, Ivana M. A. Diniz PhD, Vitor Fortuna PhD, Akiva Mintz MD, PhD, Alexander Birbrair PhD