The Wound Healing Society
Wound Healing Society
Regional Conference Support

The Wound Healing Society is accepting applications from active society members for partial sponsorship of regional conferences that are related to the mission of the WHS. Regional conferences should be planned anytime other than coinciding with the Annual WHS conference. PLEASE NOTE, this mechanism is not intended to support national or international meetings. This grant mechanism is intended to support city or region specific wound healing meetings only, that might not otherwise not be possible without this support.

We anticipate funding a maximum of 2 regional meetings annually. Budget requests will be considered for amounts up to $2000.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, starting January 1st of the calendar year.

The applicant must be an active member of the WHS. The applicant must also be on the Organizing Committee of the meeting requesting support. Must be a regional meeting.

The Executive Board will review applications on a first come-first serve basis and will make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors for the final decision.


Download the application, complete the form, then MAKE SURE to Print/Save As a pdf file. Name your file: LastNameDateofSubmission.pdf, then submit your completed appllication through the Submission Form at the bottom of this page. *** Failure to follow these steps may result in total loss of all entries on the form ***

All completed applications should include the following information:

Significance and Value to the Society
Describe the stated purpose of the conference/course and how it aligns with WHS mission. Does the conference address an important topic in the field and how will the outcome of the conference move the field forward in terms of scientific knowledge, technical capability, and or clinical practice? How will the topic/activities of the course specifically benefit the Society as a whole and its members?

What is the targeted audience of the conference/course and to what extent does that audience reflect the interests and membership of the society? How will the conference/course benefit Society members and is there a pathway to bring new/junior members into the society through participation in the conference/course? Organizers agree to share attendees list for a one time WHS new member discount offer as a way in which this conference will help expand Society membership.

Conference details: A brief summary regarding the topics, speakers, organizational structure and venue should be provided.

Requests should not exceed $2000 as that is the maximum amount allocated by the society and may be reduced, depending on the number of successful applications. Please provide a justification for the budget along with overall information, i.e. what is the proposed budget for the entire conference/course and what is the requested amount from the Society?