As a follow-up to the first survey, we wanted to check on how situations may have changed or remained the same.

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1. Most wound care providers responding to our survey cited a lack of PPE and/or personal decision as the main reason for lack of physical patient visits to wound care clinics. With the winter surge of the Pandemic has your facility made additional changes to the visit policy and in what regard?
Yes    No
a. Percentage of telehealth visits being conducted.
b. Conduct physical visits to primary location with social distancing and other recommended precautions.
c. Using remote location for surgeries such as ambulatory surgery or same day surgery locations.
d. We did not disrupt our schedule during the first wave, but did so during the recent winter surge.
2. What percentage of patients seen via telehealth want to continue being seen this way post Covid-19 Pandemic.
3. What percentages of total wound care patients have experienced worsening wound states or complications from not seeking care in a timely manner: select all that apply
Debridement done emergently
Other complication:
4. Were other resources were used to supplement lack of physical visits: select all that apply
Home Health Care
Skilled Nursing Homes
Private Office visits
Telehealth visits
Other Resource:
5. What specifically has your facility done regarding the practice of surface debridement at each clinic visit? select all that apply

a. What debridement methods did your facility use pre-pandemic:
Sharp including curettage
Mechanical including ultrasonic

b. What debridement methods does your facility use now?
Sharp including curettage
Mechanical including ultrasonic

6. How has the pandemic changed the frequency of visit to your practice?
7. If you experienced a change in visit frequency, what impact did you observe in wound healing status? (select all that apply)
Deterioration between visits
No change in wound healing status
Improved wound healing
Wound closure


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