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Distribution of research surveys/questionnaires to health care professionals is an effective method to explore practice patterns, knowledge, etc. In order to distribute a survey to the WHS membership, the survey must first be vetted by the WHS Membership Committee. In addition, if you are not a current Member of WHS, you must have a sponsor who is. Please provide the following information:

First Name: Last Name:
Email: Institution:
WHS Member: Yes No

Please select one:

Request for "Approval as-is"

We understand that some surveys may have already been administered to the membership of other medical societies, and that changes to your survey at this stage in the process might preclude a direct comparison of results between members of WHS and other organizations.

If you submit your survey to us without the ability to suggest revisions, we will review it, but please be advised that we may suggest changes prior to agreeing to submit it to our membership in its present form.

Request for WHS Research Committee to "Review and suggest revisions prior to approval"

We will solicit feedback from at least 2 members of the WHS Membership Committee regarding your survey. We will do our best to help you improve your survey questions in order to ensure it is suitable for distribution to the WHS membership.

Once you have reviewed and addressed any concerns that arise, we will consider your survey for submission to our membership.

Please upload a brief (1-2 page) letter with details of your proposal. These should include the following as bullet points:
  • Overarching purpose and specific aims of the research study
  • What component(s) of the WHS membership you would like to survey
  • How was your survey developed and if/how it was tested for validity and reliability
  • What is the anticipated length of time that it will take to complete the survey
  • Data management and analysis plan
  • IRB protocol number and its approval status (e.g., not yet submitted, pending, approved)
  • Data confidentiality statement
  • Outline where you expect to present and publish the findings, and how this data could be used for future work
Upload letter

If you have a link for the survey, please provide it below. This will allow the WHS Membership Committee to test the survey prior to distribution to our membership. If a link is not yet available, please provide the complete survey information (Introduction, Questions) as an attachment to your Proposal Letter and indicate n/a in the box below.
Survey link:

Please also provide the survey in an editable format for review/comments

The documents will be distributed to the members of the WHS Membership Committee for vetting. A response to the investigator will be sent by the chair of the membership committee within 6-8 weeks. Document submission or questions about this process should be sent by email to the WHS office to admin@woundheal.org.

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