WoundShark Innovation Competition
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Submissions must be received by Monday February 27, 2023.

The Wound Healing Society (WHS) is pleased to continue the Wound Shark product innovation competition during the 2023 WHS Annual Meeting.

Following a brief introduction of the program, the competition will focus on two areas of wound research. A translational track (clinical and research studies) and a commercial track (products and devices). Participants will be solicited by a general email and must be wound healing members to participate. Each participants will have 5 minutes to present their work in a single PowerPoint slide. Presentations will be followed by Q&A from judges and a winner from each track will be announced.

Only WHS MEMBERS can apply for the prestigious awards. Please apply online if you are not already a WHS member.

Judging criteria for the WHS Wound Shark innovation award is provided below:

Research Track Judging Criteria

  1. Novel Scientific Discovery
  2. Real Statistical Significance (with controls)
  3. Strong Preclinical and/or Clinical Evidence
  4. Potential Impact on Wound Healing Field
Translational Track Judging Criteria
  1. True Product Innovation
  2. Clear Unmet Need
  3. Strong Preclinical and/or Clinical Evidence
  4. Market Potential and Competitive Advantage
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Track Submission Research | Translational

Product or innovation title:

Abstract which contains the unmet need

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Value proposition

Competitive advantage

The novelty of the science or the invention

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