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Gain recognition through awards that honor excellence in the field of wound care.

WHF 3M Fellowship Award
The purpose of this one-year $15,000 Fellowship is to stimulate scientific research and career development of young investigators or junior faculty who are pursuing an academic career in wound healing research.
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Sponsored by 3M Health Care

Anita Roberts Award
Meant to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr.Anita B. Roberts, this award recognizes and promotes outstanding Young Investigators in the area of wound healing research. It is given annually to a graduate student or post-doctoral trainee with the best research article, as a first author, published in Wound Repair and Regeneration.
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Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award is bestowed for outstanding contributions to the growth & development of the Wound Healing Society. As a rule, this award will be given every other year, in odd-numbered years.
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Excellence in Translational Regenerative Science
The award recognizes scientific work that fosters the development of cell-based and other therapies in wound healing and regenerative medicine toward clinical applicability.
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Industrial Research & Development Poster Presentation Awards
Formerly the Blue Ribbon Poster Award, this award recognizes members of corporate research and development teams that are working to show mechanisms of action of efficacy for their company's products.
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Lifetime Achievement Award
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the lifetime work of an individual who has provided leadership or has made significant discovery in the field of wound healing and furthered the advancement of wound care & research. this award is given in even-numbered years.
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SAWC Spring Research Scholar
The SAWC Scholar Award is given to the highest ranked abstract that does not qualify for other award categories, is not a young investigator and is a WHS member.
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Trainee Travel Award
The purpose of the Trainee Travel Award is to recognize and reward top trainees in the field of wound healing research by facilitating their attendance at the WHS Annual Meeting.
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WHS Members Junior Faculty Travel Grant
The purpose of the Jr Faculty Travel Grant is to recognize and reward non-tenured junior faculty in the field of wound healing research by facilitating their attendance at the WHS Annual Meeting.
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WHF Summer Research Award
Sponsored by WHS
$3,000 Stipend + $1,000 Lab Supplies + $1,000 Travel Grant (to WHS 2019 Annual Meeting)

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Young Investigators Award
Eight finalists are selected each year for consideration for the YIA. The purpose is to underscore the importance of furthering research in the area of wound healing by recognizing and rewarding top young researchers. Four winners are selected and the first place winner is invited as the ETRS representative in the following year.
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